Web concordances

Online Searches

There are three main types of online searches: (i) using google (perhaps with an advanced search) and thus treating the web as if it were a corpus; (ii) using sites that themselves piggy-back on a search engine, but which provide concordance KWIC formats automatically; and (iii) sites containing a corpus and providing a concordance interface to the text data. Below we include as a separate section  Searches based on Bilingual Corpora.

Online Searches based on a Search Engine

Online Searches based on Corpora

COSMAS search Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim, Germany.

IMS Stuttgart (Penn Treebank) search -- OLD LINK??

Cobuild Corpus Sampler

University of Michigan Middle English Collection

Michigan Early Modern English Materials

Blake, Wordsworth, etc.Web concordance

Web-based analysis of Gutenberg texts by Ron Reck. See also Corpus Access at the University of Essex.

VISL Project Denmark. English and German corpora can be searched.

Concordance of Great Books

British National Corpus Simple search

LDC Online

Online Searches based on Corpora