Text Corpora and Corpus Linguistics


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Developing Linguistic Corpora: a Guide to Good Practice
Edited by Martin Wynne. This book is available online or as a printed book. Contents:  Preface Martin Wynne (AHDS Literature, Languages and Linguistics, University of Oxford, UK). Chapter 1, Corpus and Text: Basic Principles John Sinclair (Tuscan Word Centre). Chapter 2 Adding Linguistic Annotation Geoffrey Leech (Lancaster University). Chapter 3 Metadata for Corpus Work Lou Burnard (University of Oxford). Chapter 4 Character Encoding in Corpus Construction Anthony McEnery and Richard Xiao (Lancaster University). Chapter 5 Spoken Language Corpora Paul Thompson (University of Reading). Chapter 6 Archiving, Distribution and Preservation Martin Wynne (University of Oxford). Appendix to chapter one: How to make a corpus John Sinclair (Tuscan Word Centre). Bibliography

About this site

This site was originally a Corpus Linguistics site at Rice University and consisted of a long list of links.  A lot has changed over the last decade and a makeover is long overdue. Looking at the remnants of the older site, I am struck by how much has changed over the last decade.