Books and Papers


Michael Rundell The future of the corpus, and the corpus of the future


(CASS)Chinese Annotated Spontaneous Speech Corpus

CTSSC- Chinese Transcribed Spontaneous Speech Corpus

Evolution and present situation of corpus research in China

CASS: A Phonetically Transcribed corpus of Mandarin Spontaneous Speech

Automatic construction of parallel English-Chinese corpus for cross-language information retrieval

Aligning a parallel English-Chinese corpus statistically with lexical criteria

On Machine Learning Methods for Chinese Document Categorization

Word Alignment in English–Chinese Parallel Corpora

Sheffield Corpus of Chinese for Diachronic Linguistic Study

Aspect Marking in English and Chinese: Using the Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese for Contrastive Language Study

Generating Cross-lingual Concept Space from Parallel Corpora on the Web

A Corpus-based Approach to the Chinese Word Segmentation

The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese: A corpus for monolingual and contrastive language study

An IBM-PC environment for Chinese corpus analysis

Extraction of Chinese compound words: an experimental study on a very large corpus

A stochastic finite-state word-segmentation algorithm for Chinese

Constructing of a large-scale Chinese-English parallel corpus

A Chinese corpus for linguistic research

Passive constructions in English and Chinese A corpus-based contrastive study

Negation in Chinese: A corpus-based study


The Linguistic Basis of a Rule-Based Tagger of Czech

The Czech National Corpus: Principles, Design, and Results

Prescribing and Describing the Usage of Verb Forms in Standard Czech


Torbjörn Lager Thesis-A Logical Approach to Computational Corpus Linguistics


The BNC Handbook: Exploring the British National Corpus with SARA. Guy Aston and Lou Burnard. Edinburgh Textbooks in Empirical Linguistics.

An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics Graeme Kennedy

Computer Corpus Lexicography Vincent B Y Ooi. Edinburgh Textbooks in Empirical Linguistics.

Corpus Linguistics Tony McEnery and Andrew Wilson. Edinburgh Textbooks in Empirical Linguistics.

Language and Computers: A Practical Introduction to the Computer Analysis of Language. Geoff Barnbrook. Edinburgh Textbooks in Empirical Linguistics.

Pattern Grammar A corpus-driven approach to the lexical grammar of English. Susan Hunston and Gill Francis Studies in Corpus Linguistics 4

Patterns and Meanings Using corpora for English language research and teaching. Alan Partington. Studies in Corpus Linguistics 2

Statistics for Corpus Linguistics. Michael Oakes. Edinburgh Textbooks in Empirical Linguistics.

Terms in Context Jennifer Pearson. Studies in Corpus Linguistics 1

Text and Technology In honour of John Sinclair. Mona Baker, Gill Francis and Elena Tognini-Bonelli (eds.) John Benjamins.