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MonoConc Pro, ParaConc, MonoConc Easy Corpus of Spoken Professional American English

Concordancer: MonoConc Pro (MP 2.2)

MonoConc Pro is a fast concordance (text searching) program with an excellent user-interface. It is used in the analysis of English or other texts -- Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, etc. -- for linguistic or language teaching and language learning purposes (ESL). As well as providing KWIC concordance results, the software also produces wordlists and collocation information. The program is easy to use, but also comes with a range a powerful features such as Context Search, Regular Expression search, Part-of-Speech Tag Search, Collocations, and Corpus Comparison.

The software is used as part of many corpus linguistics courses and is also widely used in ESL/EFL for vocabulary learning and language learning in general. MonoConc Pro is networkable and operates well under a variety of Windows environments (W95 and above).

Available for an educational price of $85 for a single user licence. A site licence for 15 computers is $550 for 2 years. (A time-unlimited licence for 15 users is $1650.) For further information or any questions about licensing, student packs, etc. send email to

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Ready to order? Order from the site. If you need something on paper, you can download a flyer with an order form (pdf file) (order form in html format). Send email to (It is possible to download the software immediately. This is also the cheapest option. For info, go to the Downloads page.)

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A multilingual concordance program for parallel texts (translations). Up to four languages can be analysed in parallel, but before the analyse can proceed the texts must be aligned so that text segment (=? sentence) 250 of one text is aligned with segment 250 in the second text. Alignment may be indicated by paragraph marks or tags. This bilingual concordancer is similar in function to MonoConc Pro and includes collocation tables, word frequency lists, collocation lists, regular expression search, as well as a parallel search option and translation and "hot words" utilities.

For more info (perhaps more than you want to know), look at a paper (somewhat old) on ParaConc in html format or as a pdf file. You can also check out the parallel corpora site.

Single user: $95.00. Site Licence (2-year): $750.00 for up to 15 users.
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MonoConc Easy

MonoConc Easy has many of the features of MonoConc Pro, but some of the advanced features such as Advanced Sort and Corpus Comparison are not included. This software is very useful for general concordancing and for use in computer labs. MonoConc Pro is known for its intuitive interface and MonoConc Easy provides an even smoother experience for the more casual concordance user. The program is targeted for student use and teaching rather than for corpus research. Single user: $45.00. Site Licence (2-year): $290.00 for up to 15 users.