Brief feature list for MonoConc Pro


Any alphabetic language can be used
Unlimited size of corpus
Loaded corpus can be modified at any time
Workspaces can be saved in order to avoid reloading of corpus files


Words, (normal) tags, part-of-speech tags are distinguished
Tags can be suppressed so as not to be displayed
Excellent word&tag search for use with the BNC and other tagged corpora
Meta-tags can be defined


Word or phrase (or part of word)
Wildcard characters (e.g., sp?%k*)
Advanced searches (i) Regular expression search, (ii) Tag Search
Skipping or padding characters
Characters can be set to be equivalent (e.g., t=d)
Every nth hit
Batch search: Multiple item search. Results can be written directly to a file. Search pattern can be saved.
Context-sensitive searches. Left and right contexts can be specified. Sensitivity to header/body format
Tag-sensitive search (selection of texts based on header information)
Save to file


Primary and secondary sorts (1st Right, 2nd Right, 1st Left, 2nd Left, Search Term)
Advanced sort: Primary, secondary and tertiary sort (3L-3R)
User-defined sort
Reverse sort

Frequency information

Collocate frequency of search word
Advanced collocation -- 3-word, 4-word etc. collocations calculated Corpus frequency
Batch frequency


KWIC or sentence format
Delete unwanted concordance lines
Larger context window
File and line number info for each hit
Tracked tags for each hit
Graph of distribution of hits


Windows 95 or higher.