Corpus of Spoken, Professional American-English -- Tagged Version

Info on untagged version

Description of corpus

The corpus, which has been constructed from a selection of existing transcripts of interactions in professional settings, contains two main sub-corpora of a million words each. One sub-corpus consists mainly of academic discussions such as faculty council meetings and committee meetings related to testing. The second sub-corpus contains transcripts of White House press conferences, which are almost exclusively question-and-answer sessions.

For further info on the untagged version of the corpus, you can look at the more detailed description, examine or download a sample of the corpus, or contact Michael Barlow.

Price: $79 (Individual user); $295 Site licence. (It is possible to upgrade from the untagged corpus.)

Sample of corpus

The corpus comes in two forms: an untagged set of files and a tagged version. The tagging was performed by Tony McEnery and Paul Baker using the CLAWS programme at UCREL, Lancaster University.

The tagged corpus looks like the following paragraph.

<s>Before<w CS> we<w PPIS2> begin<w VV0> this<w DD1> morning<w NNT1> formally<w RR> with<w IW> our<w APPGE> agenda<w NN1> ,<w ,> I<w PPIS1> 'd<w VM> like<w VVI> to<w TO> take<w VVI> just<w RR> one<w MC1> minute<w NNT1> to<w TO> welcome<w VVI> you<w PPY> all<w DB> and<w CC> say<w VVI> that<w CST> this<w DD1> is<w VBZ> wonderful<w JJ> that<w CST> you<w PPY> 're<w VBR> all<w DB> here<w RL> .<w .> </s> <s>I<w PPIS1> think<w VV0> we<w PPIS2> actually<w RR> are<w VBR> only<w RR> missing<w VVG> John<w NP1> ,<w ,> and<w CC> so<w RR> that<w DD1> 's<w VBZ> kind<w NN1> of<w IO> a<w AT1> feat<w NN1> .<w .> </s> <s>I<w PPIS1> think<w VV0> we<w PPIS2> 'll<w VM> have<w VHI> to<w TO> put<w VVI> this<w DD1> up<w RP> as<w II> a<w AT1> standard<w JJ> to<w TO> see<w VVI> if<w CSW> the<w AT> Reading<w NP1> Committee<w NN1> can<w VM> actually<w RR> read<w VVI> this<w DD1> .<w .> </s> <s>We<w PPIS2> would<w VM> also<w RR> like<w VVI> to<w TO> welcome<w VVI> a<w AT1> new<w JJ> member<w NN1> to<w II> our<w APPGE> group<w NN1> .<w .> </s> <s>Jim<w NP1> Lewis<w NP1> ,<w ,> from<w II> the<w AT> University<w NN1> of<w IO> Nebraska<w NP1> ,<w ,> has<w VHZ> joined<w VVN> us<w PPIO2> .<w .> </s> <s>He<w PPHS1> comes<w VVZ> to<w II> us<w PPIO2> as<w II> the<w AT> Math<w NN1> Department<w NN1> Chair<w NN1> from<w II> the<w AT> University<w NN1> ,<w ,> and<w CC> he<w PPHS1> 's<w VBZ> interested<w JJ> in<w II> trying<w VVG> to<w TO> make<w VVI> this<w DD1> work<w NN1> .<w .> </s> <s>Welcome<w VV0> ,<w ,> Jim<w NP1> .<w .> <SP><w NULL> </s> <s>LEWIS<w NP1> :<w :> </SP><w NULL> </s> <s>Thank<w VV0> you<w PPY>