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Online Publications

Athelstan is known for making resources concerning technology and language learning available to the educational community. We aim to provide extensive information on these pages and we will be phasing out the Technology and Language Learning Yearbook and the Athelstan Newsletter. We will, however, be sending out an email information sheet, the TELL Digest, to those interested in receiving short summaries of current news/developments in the field.

If you wish to receive the TELL Digest, send mail to info@athel.com and we will add your name to the list of subscribers. (The Digest is free of charge.)

The online publications available on this site include the following:

  • Directory of organisations -- by topic (Info is from 1996)
  • Extensive bibliography of articles on technology and language learning
  • Athelstan Newsletter
  • Athelstan Newsletter

    Extracts from the Athelstan Newsletter are available here. The paper version of the newsletter is mailed free of charge to teachers and administrators in the U.S., although at some point we will switch to electronic distribution of the TELL Digest. You can still sign up for the newsletter, but we will soon be working on issue 6(4), which will be our last paper-based issue.

    Current issue:
    Volume 6 (2)

    Previous issues:

    Send comments, suggestions, and additions to info@athel.com