MonoConc 1.5 and MonoConc Pro

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.5 of MonoConc and version 2.2 of MonoConc Pro (MP 2.2). Registered users are entitled to upgrade to these new versions at a reduced price.

MP 2.2

  • Collocate highlighting in concordance window
  • Better font support for Chinese/Japanese/Korean
  • Collocate frequency span can be set from 1L-1R to 4L-4R
  • Corpus comparison. Frequency list of different corpora can be compared using, frequency, percentage change, log likelihood etc.
  • Collocations within a span 2 to 5 calculated
  • Results can be saved as an html file
  • MonoConc Pro is faster and has more features than MC 1.5, while maintaining the same easy-to-use interface. The functions of MonoConc Pro, which is full-featured and hence more complex than MonoConc, include the following:

  • Word/Tag search
  • distribution graph
  • save/open workspace
  • define meta-tags
  • primary, secondary, and tertiary sorts
  • reverse sort (by word-endings)
  • increased context-sensitivity in searches
  • sensitivity to tags
  • batch search
  • grep search (full regular expression search)
  • many more features
  • MonoConc 1.5 fixes some bugs and adds a few new features:

  • word-wrap in the context and concordance windows
  • primary and secondary sorts (e.g., sorting 1R, then 1L)
  • choice of sentence display or KWIC display in the results window
  • 16-bit and 32-bit versions both included
  • Educational Pricing

    MonoConc 1.5 $69 (Site $425 -- 2-year)

    MP 2.2 $85 (Site $550 -- 2-year)

    Upgrade pricing for registered users:
    MonoConc Pro 2.0 to MP 2.2 $16 (via email) (Site licence upgrade $100) MPro 1.0 to 2.2 $25 (Site licence for 15-user upgrade $150)
    MonoConc 1.5 to MP 2.2 $55
    Mfw to MPro 2.2 $60
    Mfw to MonoConc 1.5 $19

    Concordancing with MonoConc Pro 2.0 ($10)