NEW SOFTWARE: Collocate has now been released. The beta version is no longer available. It is possible to download the demo, which will provide enough information for simple analyses. The software can be used to provide n-gram lists; to give the collocates of a search time (using MI, t-score, etc.); and to extract collocations from a text.


The beta versions of ParaConc are no longer available. The demo can be used for a quick analysis.

MonoConc Pro

Download the demo

Other Concordancers

MonoConc for Mac. A very basic concordancer.
ParaConc for Mac. (1995 Hypertalk program!)

The above links are not working currently. Send email to Athelstan if you are interested in the programs. However, it is probably better to use a Windows simulator and run the Windows software/demos.

HyperACE by Philip Hubbard -- will post if there is a request for it (and Phil does not object).

HyperCard Stacks for Linguistics Teaching

The following links are no longer working -- contact Athelstan if you are interested in these programs.

Indo-European roots (45K) Allows the user to explore the paths associated with a set of English words from PIE through Latin, Greek and Old English.
Grimm's Law (80K) The student has to apply Grimm's Law to Latin/Greek words and guess the cognate English words.
Morphology problems (125K) The student has to solve three morphology problems of the standard sort.
Comparative Reconstruction (80K) A simple reconstruction problem. Hints guide the students in their reconstructions of proto-forms.
Transcription (1 MB) Simple exercises in American English transcription.

Phonetics (1MB) Presentation and testing of vowels in American and British English.


Other publications

Software evaluation guide

Athelstan Newsletter and Technology Yearbook are available online. These publications are now historical rather than current documents. They date from a time when the use of technology was not common in language learning and are an attempt to collect resources and explain CALL, etc.